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How did it start

Founded in 2017 by a team of bankers, technologists and entrepreneurs who found current legacy systems to be too rigid to meet current market requirements of agility and customer experience. After working together for over a decade helping large and small banks across the globe solve their complex business problems, the team decided to create an eco-system that is agile, nimble and always listening to customer needs. ezee.ai was started by a team of industry veterans and the current team has a combined banking and technology experience of over 500 person-years, has rich and diversified experience in designing, delivering and implementing banking software in different parts of the world.

Rajendra Awasthi

Raj has been associated with the banking technology for the past 32 years. He is a corporate banker, IT professional and entrepreneur.

Shubhomey Banerjee

Shubho has been associated with the financial service space for the past 28 years and has experience in managing sales and client relationships.

Sushmitshri Babu

Sushmit has been associated with project management and technology analysis for the past 22 years.

ezee.ai is that journey where every customer and their needs are equally important to us. We are building an agile, transparent and responsive organization. We are in the process of building a team of brilliant, passionate and self-motivated minds, each of them bringing complementary experience in the financial industry.

Transforming financial service

The team recognized the need for a single, end-to-end cloud-based digital lending and automation solution that would enable the bank to increase transparency, efficiency and profitability while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our products will help Banks and Financial Institutions to create differentiation in their offerings and gain unmatched speed in marketing their product and services. We are passionate about transforming financial services through innovation and speed, a strong culture of transparency and trust thus ensuring long-term success for the company, invest ors, partners and most importantly the customers.

Our Approach

Delivery excellence is underpinned by our DNA of ‘Keeping every promise that we make’. Our Flexible Pricing model leverages cloud hosting options. Our unique Risk-Reward based engagement model demonstrates our commitment to deliver on-time every-time.

Meet Our Team

Rajendra Awasthi

Chief Product Guru

Shubho Banerjee

Chief Mastero

Sushmitshri Babu

Chief Product Innovator

Jayanta Mohapatra

Product Manager,
Chief Product Ranger

Ravitha D.

Chief Human Resource Officer,
Chief Culture Officer

Soliayappan N.

Product Manager,
Chief Product Warrior

Vaidya B.

Product Manager,
Chief Prodigy Officer

Milestones achieved


Inaugurated our second office in Bangalore

Upgraded version of lend.ezee has been launched with new user portal for leading companies across globe

We are serving 45+ customers across the globe. approval.ezee was launched as a part of ezee platform.


We received four awards, FCBTA Best Digital Lending Solutions, IBS Intelligence Annual Sales League Table (SLT) Global Leader in “Credit Scoring”

IBSi’s Neo Challenger Bank Awards and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Fintech startup of the year award; Launched Savings Bank Account (SB Acct) opening using VKYC for IDBI Bank.

identify.ezee was implemented in NMB Nepal and CIM Mauritius. Digital KYC was implemented in Arka as a part of identify.ezee.

React Native is used for collect.ezee for application development. calculate.ezee and templatize.ezee micro services were launched as a part of ezee platform.

Strategy studio was introduced to make collect.ezee a no-code platform.


We received Technoviti Most Innovative Digital Platform and got an opportunity to serve 25+ customers.
identify.ezee was implemented in IDBI BanK, launched collect.ezee, implemented for the Australian clients and access.ezee microservice were launched.


We received Infosys’s Best API led innovation awards for lend.ezee Inaugurated our first office in Melbourne and served 10+ customers.

We launched click.ezee and CCR, implemented for the Australian clients.


We inaugurated our second office in Chennai and our first office in Sydney.


We started our journey as EPIKInDiFi and inaugurated our first offices in Chennai and Bangalore and got an opportunity to provide a solution to our first customer for Digital Lending.

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