Re-imagine Automation Process

With a completely robotic process automation that automates your manual and repetitive operations with an end-to-end business process, it improves your operational efficiency, productivity, and compliance. It provides advanced technology at the appropriate moment, enabling you to develop more efficient and reliable automation that requires less maintenance.

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automate.ezee is a Saas based no-code intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI-based technology that is replacing manual-based data processing. The product has highly configured workflow, end-to-end encryption, and a control center to monitor and analyze bot’s performance. It improves operational efficiency, reduces TAT, cost-effective and increases productivity.

RPA allows software users to develop software robots, or "bots," that can learn, replicate, and then execute rules-based business processes. Users may construct bots using RPA automation by monitoring human digital behaviors. Robotic Process Automation software bots can interact with any application or system in the same capacity that humans can, with the exception that RPA bots can work any time, continuously, significantly quicker, and with 100% levels of accuracy.


Get faster ROI

User can immediately comprehend bot development and start driving ROI with no-code user experience. This leads to recovering 40% of their daily time that was invested in manual digital administrative tasks.

Quick Automation

This provides drag-and-drop functionality for activities in the workflow. The development time is significantly reduced by implementing various built-in activities. In addition, the process flow structure supports the process of debugging the workflow and locating problems and alerts. As a result, testing and development time is reduced.

Reduces risk

Enable robots to extract and analyze significant data from public databases, watchlists, and other sources, and use artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to identify linkages and discover threats.

High operational efficiency

Allow operators to handle high-volume, repetitive cross-system operations wherein speed, capacity, and accuracy are critical, such as banks and financial servicing


Automate new account setup procedures and accelerate data collecting from internal and external systems for customer due diligence and update CRM systems with additional customer data for customer onboarding.

Business processes and applications, including interactions via desktop and internal and external apps, should be recorded, mapped, and analyzed. Acquire insight into existing operations and activities that can be automated by digital workforce.

Inbuilt workflow designer, helps you build processes that will be automated, it is easy to use even for someone with no coding knowledge.

Unique customer authenticated servicing option to ensure customer’s presence combined with digital features deliver best in class remote customer servicing capabilities.

Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models help in engaging your customers and employees in new and effective ways, improving customer experience, productivity, and time-to-market.

manual documentation process is more error prone. RPA uses AI technology to access information and improve the outcomes.

self-service portal which provides the best user experience across the platforms. It creates portals for user for quick access to all the information and data for faster processing.

Continuous scheduling system allows unattended automated bots to assist in a range of workplace circumstances, saving customers programming time and virtual machines through an efficient methodology.

Ensure compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) benchmarks by using RPA and IQ Bot to make an accurate client risk tolerance, enable fraud detection, and conduct constant account monitoring.

Value Proposition


Time effective

All operations are automated, and manual processing is reduced, saving time and money.


Limits dependency

Enhance employee productivity and provide customers with quick, personalized services.


Enhance experience

Non-technical users can automate efficiently across the workplace because of the ease of use.


Stepping on the ladder of success by winning the most reputed awards.
FICCI Awards


Recognized by FICCI for best Start-up of the year in the category of 'Best Innovation'

Infosys’s Awards


Recognized by Infosys for Best API led innovation.

Our customers

Customer Success Stories

We were searching for software that was simple to use and learn, meets all our requirements and is effective. A web grounded software wasn't on the list until we tried No-code platform. We've made great savings in streamlining processes, with great timetable scheduling, follow up tools, customizing letters, tracking debtors' phones, addresses and Notes and simple fiscal operation tools.

Senior vice president

Automotive finance

We reduced 50% in mortgage cycle times, Accurate, on- demand data reporting perfecting administrative soothsaying, Advanced lead tracking. Before automate.ezee got my team members on the same runner, they would treat every loan with the same sense of urgency and miss out on the real problems. Improved the customer experience with simple processes and reduced decision turnaround time and eliminated human intervention, duplicate data entry and improved productivity and with the automation process we managed to reduce costs by 65%.


Leading mortgage company

We're really pleased to use automate.ezee service, especially the salient point of RPA, TAT and automatic workflow which made Our clients interaction easier, so they respond in an analogous way. Also, we can be suitable to achieve a cost saving on functional costs due to automated process.


Asia’s leading Bank

We used to increase effectiveness during Wrap ups. Through the cloud-based customer communication gate, Prominent Title was suitable to effectively exercise social distancing with their guests, while delivering quicker closing of accounts and processes. By deploying the platform, we are able to automate all our manual notification process and repetitive tasks.

Credit head

Leading regional Bank

automate.ezee organizes a fractured and disorganized part of our clients’ experience. Their platform gives us perceptivity and helps us do more. Interacting with Clients grounded on digital data points results in doubling of the effectiveness of customer engagements. We are now able to automate our process by applying workflow and rule engine.

Vice president

South-East Asian Bank

automate.ezee and its RPA frame have been revolutionizing our SME loans to offer simpler, more and briskly services to the client and bank. It allowed us to maximize our ROI and design a flexible, scalable and fit-for- purpose case operation system.


Private regional Bank