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Boost-up your customer onboarding with an end-to-end encrypted, AI-based omnichannel solution helps businesses to reduce drop-out rates, limit operational cost, detect fraudulent activities and improve customer experience

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identify.ezee is a cutting-edge VKYC solution that complies with RBI regulations for all digital identification operations. It is an End-to-end encryption, AI-based omnichannel services, OCR solutions to speed up the onboarding process with rapid document verification, and geo-tagging to keep track of a customer's location.

Advanced interaction with external third-party software, including real-time dashboard updates and performance tracking measures, is enhanced by the product's no-code platform. Video KYC for customer onboarding can help your company save operating costs and reduce turnaround time. Before customer onboarding banks, NBFCs, and financial institutions can use VKYC to improve customer experience and detect financial fraud.


Improved and secured Onboarding

With instant video KYC deployment, you could save up to 90% on KYC completion expenses while achieving 20% more completions than with single video KYC solutions.

Be Compliant and Confident

Our VKYC solution complies with all regulatory guidelines set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), while maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of customer data with all security measures.

Increase the reach to masses

Integrations with call centers to push and pull data from CRM in real-time. With a low internet speed of 60kbps, KYC officers undertake liveness checks and validate OVDs (Officially Valid Documents). Opening new accounts and rolling out loans to a diverse consumer base from various locations utilizing V-CIP (Video Customer Identification Process).

Turns down acquisition cost

The agent can assist the user in the processing of account opening forms and instantly integrate them to complete the VKYC procedure. The processes are completed digitally which reduces the operational costs.

Higher assurance identification

We cater to different countries and customize the product according to their needs for verification processes.

Reduces back-office overheads

The workflow is automated, which reduces the need for manual operations. The authentication is fulfilled in a matter of seconds, reduces backend workload, and allows for faster onboarding with thorough background verification.


AI-driven face match function allows businesses to collect multiple pictures of customers and verify them to features in ID cards in real-time. It also determines a score based on how the photo ID and live face match.

The solution ensures that the customer is in the specified region, and authorities can conduct a liveness check of the customers using actions.

Generates a unique set of questions in real-time based on the information provided in the customer’s application and from a configurable repository of queries to avoid fraud.

Generates a unique set of questions in real-time based on the information provided in the customer’s application and from a configurable repository of queries to avoid fraud.

The recorded videos are stored securely and are accessible for future reference.

For each user and the executive of the regulated entity, dashboards are customized and enabled.

compliant with RBI regulations, supports PAN and Aadhaar Card verification. Complete on-premises setup to support video streaming within the organisation’s premises.

Schedules video calls to facilitate follow-ups, improve customer experience and enhance productivity.

The authentication process can be completed with low internet access; agents can use 60 mbps to make video calls to identify customers and avoid fraud.

Value Proposition


Easy integration

It is user-friendly and can be deployed without coding experience and knowledge.


App status monitor

To avoid glitches and fraudulent activity, the application process is monitored step by step.


Secure and scalable

Customer data is stored securely in the system using cloud-based storage


Stepping on the ladder of success by winning the most reputed awards.
FICCI Awards


Recognized by FICCI for best Start-up of the year in the category of 'Best Innovation'



Recognized by NASSCOM India Fintech Awards in the category of Regulatory Compliance.

Our customers

Customer Success Stories

The most important aspect of working with is the professionalism of the design and development team, I'm handed progress reports, daily conferences, and the support team instantly responds to any questions or query I raise. The end product that we received as identify.ezee made customer onboarding very simple and fast.

Branch head

Leading south-east Asian Bank

We're glad to have partnered with, which provided “identify.ezee” a zero-code platform. By using this, we are able to manage customer onboarding time and get an increase in application processing. The platform works seamlessly and the client support has been prompt for all training and onboarding.

Senior manager

Leading Asian bank

The end product that we received from was beyond our expectation. Its Zero-code platform made our integrations very smooth and painless. The team was very helpful in guiding our people and meeting our requirements. By using this we have reduced our customer onboarding time and improved our new account opening services.


Australian Bank

Since deploying identify.ezee result – customers’ relations increased nearly double, taking from physical and expensive agents to tone- service. The way we configure the IVR system is smooth and drag & drop and doesn’t involve IT & masterminds.


Leading collection agency

The deployment of identify.ezee was very smooth and easy due to its no-code platform technology. After deploying we automated document processing and verification. We are reducing cycle times and generating better ROI. Now we have a 100% automated onboarding platform.

Credit head

South-east Asian Bank